24 April 2019

Salt Creek Outtakes

We had the quickest photo snapping session ever to get a family shot for our Christmas cards. We decided on overlooking the beach but it ended up being cold and windy so it was a good thing we had only set up a 15 minute mini session. It turns out that 15 minutes is the perfect amount of time to capture the best smiles from 4 boys. Besides, all we really wanted was a picture of us all together for our card. The rest of the outtakes were just a bonus.
High Res-2.jpg

High Res-3.jpg

High Res-5.jpg

High Res-11.jpg

High Res-14.jpg

High Res-16.jpg

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High Res-19.jpg

High Res-20.jpg

High Res-22.jpg

High Res-32.jpg

High Res-23.jpg

High Res-30.jpg

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