23 February 2016

Nash's Birthday Date

Nash was the last sibling to have his one-on-one date with me at Disneyland and he made a list of ride priorities months in advance. We put a date on the calendar where Troy could work from home and Nash and I could escape for the entire day.

And then Nash's birthday rolled around and he spent the entire weekend before our scheduled date hacking his little lungs out. Our passes were due to expire a week later, so there weren't a lot of rescheduling options. 

His doctor put him on a number of medications and we increased his breathing treatments like mad to try to get him well enough to enjoy his birthday. His coughing had decreased enough the evening before our scheduled date that we decided to make a go for it.

Of course, it happened to be one of the only days we needed jackets this winter, but neither of us minded the cool temperatures. We were just so happy that we didn't have to cancel one of the most anticipated days of the year.



Nash was adamant about bringing his collection of pins to trade.




The best part about getting to the park when it opens is snatching up fast passes to go on the most popular rides with significantly less wait times.

Nash was determined to do every ride that Blake went on for his birthday date back in December. Splash Mountain made the top of the list even though it was chilly.


We spent a significant amount of time immersed in all things Star Wars. We happened to be walking into Tomorrowland when a little parade of characters wandered through.

The highlight of the day was when Nash got to participate in a live interactive Jedi training show. We waited in line to sign him up earlier in the day and came back at our scheduled time so he could be adorned with a cloak and lightsaber. 



I am completely clueless about Star Wars. But seeing the look on Nash's face as he prepared to battle Darth Vader was pretty epic.

All of the Jedi students were trained on a few basic moves and then they lined up to battle the villians. I wish I could have seen the look on Nash's face behind that cloak when it was his turn. He knew just what moves to make with his weapon and when to duck and when to turn. He was in six year old heaven.



And of course, leave it to Nash to instigate a little duel.

Nash proudly displayed the pin he received for successfully completing the Jedi Training Academy.





Our last item of business before hitting up the Peter Pan ride and calling it a night was picking out Nash's birthday present with a gift card we gave him. Not surprisingly, he chose a lightsaber. 


All Nash talked about all day was Blake. He made up a plan where he would open the door a crack and activate his lightsaber before he showed his face so he could surprise Blake when we got home. He wanted to know what Blake was doing at all times. Blake was just as eager to stay up and wait for us so he could hear about every detail of our day. 

Even though those brothers are almost inseparable, a one-on-one date was just what the two of us needed. Nash sometimes suffers from middle child syndrome and a birthday date was the perfect way to give him some focused attention.

I mean, you can't go wrong with the happiest place on earth.

I'm positive that all of Nash's six year old birthday dreams came true.

16 February 2016

Growing Up Is Hard to Do

Before Nash's birthday party and special date with me rolled around, he wasn't sure if he wanted to go through with the advancement in age.

15 February 2016

Finn's a Walkin'

Finn has been taking an increasing amount of steps since December but this month he made the transition to a full-time walker.

It seems like all of the milestones come in spurts. Not only did Finn pick up walking as his preferred mode of transportation, but at sixteen months, he dropped his morning nap, concluded nursing (as much as I didn't want to let go), cut his first teeth, had tubes put in his ears, finally hit the 20 pound mark and entertained us all with his developing vocabulary. I refuse to think of him as anything but my baby but he sure is becoming more of a little boy.








The best part about this age is seeing so much personality come to the surface. Finn is low maintenance and rarely gets ruffled about anything, but he can whip out a full body smile on demand. Aside from throwing portions of his food on the floor at every meal, he is a complete dreamboat. 



He loves throwing balls, turning on the faucet to the bathtub, pulling silverware out of the dishwasher, trying to escape outside or at least into the garage, pulling everything out of cupboards, warm milk and his beloved nie-night and sucking thumb.

I just hope I can keep up with another walker, which I know all too soon will become a runner.

13 February 2016

He's So Cute

Sometimes it feels like I'm repeating the early years of Blake and Nash all over again with Crew and Finn. Same daily routines, same friendships forming. Crew talks in high pitched voices to Finn just like Blake used to do with Nash. The routines may be mundane, but I could never get enough of the brotherly adoration.

11 February 2016

January Long Weekend

We're headed into a long weekend in February but before we enjoy no school, warm weather and our one year anniversary of arriving in California, I want to make sure to document our January long weekend.

I love that we have a three day weekend smack dab in the middle of January. I always feel like we're still recovering from Christmas and torn between still wanting to play and wanting to buckle down and get organized. We did a little of both over MLK day weekend.

We began the weekend where we begin many weekends. I thought January was supposed to be the "slow" season at Disneyland but I have never seen so many people in one place in my entire life. It didn't help that there was a marathon that weekend and we were there the same night Elton John was performing in a live concert. I looked down main street at one point and it looked like Times Square on New Year's Eve with wall to wall people.

We opted to head to the beach the next day which was deserted in comparison.

The boys made all sorts of pulley contraptions on the lifeguard stand while they waited for the rest of us to get bikes ready.

Riding bikes along the boardwalk at Newport Beach and then taking the ferry over to Balboa Island has become one of our favorite traditions.



Especially because Balboa Island usually means Balboa Bars.





We love to walk through the book store, candy store and toy store as well. The lady running the toy store entertained Blake and Nash for a good long while with games and tricks before we dragged them away to catch the sunset.


We cruised along the boardwalk and stopped at a playground where we watched dozens of stunt bikers do tricks as the sun slowly disappeared.






We kept the rest of the weekend simple. Troy and I went on a long overdue date and like most weekends, I spent hours preparing to teach music to the children at church. Before Blake's swim practice on Monday, we ventured out to what Crew calls the "putt putt park." 




What began as putting practice ended as a competition to see who could make the best presentation of flowers for me.


Sure love those boys.

And I sure love long weekends.