19 May 2015

Finn | Eight Months

Did I just type eight months? Great, now I'm crying.

These short months keep speeding up faster and faster. I wish I could slow them down with all my might. 

At eight months, the inchworm crawl is Finn's preferred mode of transportation. All of those crumbs and LEGO pieces under the kitchen table are no longer safe. He has also become our household mop since he constantly drags his belly across the hardwood floors. 

I finally toughened up and let him start crying it out a bit during the night. It broke my heart, but eight months of multiple feedings a night was really wearing on me. I was quite the grump when I was awoken at 1:30am, 3:30am, 5:30am, 6:30am, 7:30am...you get the picture. I was no good for the rest of my family. When Troy came home from a two-week business trip to Virginia Beach, I asked him which of our boys' bad nighttime habits we should tackle first; binky hoarding, thumbsucking, bedwetting or constant nursing. Without hesitation, he said we should start with Finn so I could get some sleep. 

It's a good thing Finn can put himself back to sleep with his thumb. He grasps on to anything he can find while sucking his thumb, including berry twigs. I kind of love thumbsucking, even if the habit is hard to break when they are five. I'll take the years of sleep in the meantime.


  1. I love that darling little smile! I wish I could scoop Finn up into my arms. I am really missing all of you. Its hard to believe he is 8 months old already. Wow.

  2. Loving the angles and lines in those pictures on the sidewalk! Is the sleep training going well?

  3. I look at these photos every day and just want to gently squeeze those little cheeks! What a little angel!