25 September 2014

First Day of Preschool

In between all of the birthday hoopla and having a baby, Nash started his final year of preschool. I actually didn't even bring him on his first day of school because Troy and I were still off celebrating my birthday.

But his grandparents said he walked into school fearlessly, ready to conquer four-year-old preschool. It helps that he has the same teacher that Blake had and knows the school forward and back.

We still took the obligatory photos to document the start of another school year, even if they weren't technically before his first day.



Adding a midday preschool pickup several times a week adds to the chaos of our lives, but I have absolutely adored this school and I know that it is worth the hassle. Nash is in great hands. 


  1. First of all, he is adorable. I love that outfit. Second, I need to know your secret for the letters on your chalkboard. Are they permanent, or just chalk? How are they so perfect? I have a project to do so I need help!

    1. I actually made it in Photoshop with a chalkboard background and printed it. Let me know what your project is and maybe I can help.