16 June 2014

Look Who's Walking

We officially have two walkers in our family.

The race was on to see who would walk first, and it ended up being a tie. Both Troy and Crew took their first steps, crutch-less and furniture-less, within a few days of each other.

Troy has some pretty intense hardware in that knee of his, so walking has been a very gradual process. But his limp is getting less and less prominent, which is a good thing since we are leaving for New York in two days. That's one city where lots of walking is pretty inevitable.

Mr. Crew has become a full-fledged walker as well. It still throws me off to see him toddling around.

We're so happy to finally have a houseful of walkers. It has been a long road to get to this point, and it sure makes life easier.



  1. Yay! Something to celebrate indeed. Have a great time in NY! Can't wait to hear about it. And I love Crew's outfit!

  2. Crew is such a handsome little guy!!