02 February 2012

Two on 2/2

It's Nash's Golden Birthday today.

Technically, it has been two years since he was born.




I feel like I snapped and my baby suddenly turned into a walking, talking, personality-filled little boy.

Two reasons I adore Nash:

1. His vocabulary has taken off and every day seems to grow exponentially. I love how he still says his "s's" like "th's." Like, "yeth," and "thtuck," and my very favorite, "Mommy, thnuggle me."

2. Oh how can I fit it all in two? I love the way he always appears about 10 seconds after Blake. I love how he lets me tuck him in at night. I love how when I go in his room later to check on him, he is never underneath his blankets; he is sleeping on top of a carefully clumped together ball of fluff. I love how he points his finger at me and exclaims "a NAP!" every day around 1pm. I love how he only likes books that are interactive. I love his giggle. I love the way he runs with his arms flailing all over the place. I love when he gets into my bathroom drawer and drapes every single headband around his neck. I love that he is always happy.

I love Nash.


  1. Awww, I love him too! I can't wait to see him in May! We didn't send a card, because I figured he wouldn't get it yet, but I meant to ask you yesterday what you guys were doing to celebrate. I can't believe he is TWO!!!

  2. I love Nash too! He's such a fun kid-- so fearless and happy all the time. Happy Birthday, buddy!

  3. How awesome! A golden birthday. I can't believe he is already two. He is SO FLIPPIN' adorable. I love his little smile. The ones of him in the snow is so cute!!

  4. Wow!! Two!! He is such a handsome boy!

  5. Happy birthday sweet little Nashy--see you soon!