10 February 2012


Blake is in a serious machine phase.

Everything that he plays with gets turned upside down, stacked up, hooked together, and transformed into an intricate "machine."

Each day after quiet time, he struts down the stairs and explains to me the new combination of toys that he orchestrated into a machine.

Usually there are tickets, seatbelts, and start and stop buttons involved with operating his machinery. Sometimes his machines even convert into roller coasters or other modes of transportation.

Back when we were in Hawaii, it came in handy that he could scrounge up household items and turn them into machines. There weren't a ton of toys to play with there, but he hardly noticed. He was perfectly content with laundry baskets and a cooler stacked in about 34 different combinations.


When the laundry baskets got old, he ventured out to the garage to round up items for another new contraption.

I sure love his imagination. And who wouldn't want cleaning devices (I mean gates) maneuvered into their couch cushions?


  1. That's actually pretty cool. I haven't heard of kids doing this. Future engineer? He might have a little of his Uncle Jorden in him?

  2. I was just about to comment the same thing as Stephanie....I bet that's his Jorden genes coming out in him!

  3. Ha ha... that last picture is perfect. Ah, to live in the head of a little boy.