19 December 2011

Christmas Greetings 2011

Each year at the end of November it begins: my affinity with Christmas cards.

During most of the year, I let the mail pile up in our mailbox for several days before carrying it in the house and throwing away all the junk.

But not in December. Because in December I can't wait to see what treasures the mailman brings. I love to receive cards from friends and family...both who live close and far. Love it.

With all of our pre-Christmas happenings this year, I contemplated skipping Christmas cards altogether.

But then, each day when I hit the mailbox, I got lured right back in.

I thought, maybe I'm not too busy after all.

I remembered how much I love how Christmas cards freeze each year in time for our family. Someday I can line them up and laugh about our crazy styles and cry about how my babies have changed over the years.

So, I whipped up a simple-as-pie design and sent the cards out to our families and dear friends near and far. And then my heart got all warm and fuzzy when I actually dropped them off at the post office.

Because this is one tradition that in my book, cannot be skipped.


  1. I loved getting your card! I won't get mine out for christmas but maybe new years cards.

  2. Such a cute family picture, and such a awesome "quick" card!

  3. I feel the same way about cards. I just love getting them and sending them out.

  4. We loved the card. Can't believe how well your boys photograph. Ryan and Brody act as though taking their picture while they actually look at the camera is painful!

  5. Amen! And can I tell you again how much I love your card this year? I do.

  6. Love it! Merry Christmas, Tanners! You have amazing syle, Linds!