14 November 2011


It's that time of year again.

Time to rake up all of the neighbors' leaves that have fallen in our backyard since we don't actually have any trees of our own.

A shovel gets the job done as well.

We don't mind too much because we get to enjoy the leaf piles that ensue from our labors.


  1. The boys are so cute in the leaves! Nash in his new hat--priceless!

  2. Cutest pics of kids with fall leaves!! I know you have adorable kids but the talent you have with that camera is pretty fantastic too

  3. So fun. I love that you have to rake your neighbor's leaves :) If your boys need more piles, I've got a whole front yard that we haven't gotten to yet...

  4. Hey...sending you an award! Pick it up here: http://www.annadotes.com/2011/11/awwwshucks.html

    Have a great day!