07 November 2011


I have a son who I'm not sure I passed my genes on to.

Apparently Blake does not share my genetics for constantly being chilled to the bone. I am perpetually freezing cold. It takes about two seconds for my teeth to start chattering when I go outside on a chilly day. I blast the heat, sleep next to a space heater, and keep the fireplace on all day in the winter.

And yet, I'm still cold.

Even when I'm nine months pregnant, I still sleep in long sleeve shirts and socks and under a thick down comforter. I think that's why I like summer so much. I finally have a chance to thaw out. 

Blake, on the other hand, lives for the snow. He spent every possible moment outside over the weekend. Even though the first snowfall of the year is always the most magical for a child, I'm still questioning if we are really related. 


  1. Darling pictures!! I HATE snow too! And I laughed when you said you sleep in clothes! Maybe we're related. :) or spent too many winters in Michigan.

  2. Honestly, I'm a bit jealous. I wish I could take a half hour drive up the mountain shred down it on my old trusty snowboard. I used to make special trips to Utah to do such a thing when I lived on Maui. Of course, that was back when I only had one kid...

    Snow is magic, but I do hate driving in it.

  3. How funny that Blake loves the snow so much. I guess it is also good for you that you guys live in Utah!!

  4. Hey Ninety pound girl, why don't you put some meat on your bones and then you wouldn't be so freezing all the time!!!

    Cute pictures. I can't believe you had snow on the ground!

  5. That first picture is beautiful with his matching blue eyes and hat!

    And I remember that about you...glad to see some things never change!

  6. Beautiful photos, Linds! You really are such a pro!