28 September 2011

Under the Weather

It feels like we have been living in a sea of everything breaking down and waiting around in doctor's offices for the last week.

After sorting through some of Blake's issues with professionals (who are completely as stumped as I am), Nash's weekend long fever took a turn for the worse. I'm always hesitant about bringing the boys to the doctor for fevers and sniffles, but this time, he seemed absolutely miserable. 

Nash was so out of it (from very little sleep last night) that he decided he wasn't going to keep his eyes open for anything. He fell asleep standing up for a good fifteen minutes. He was all the rage of the patients in the waiting room.

Two hours later, we walked out of the pediatrician's office with a terrible ear infection diagnosis. I'm glad my mother's intuition to bring him in was right this time around. And I never mind the extra snuggling and rocking time I get with my groggy babies when they are sick.


  1. awww Poor Nash! We understand on our end!

  2. Are you sure this is the same child that is on the go 24/7? I hope he is feeling much better, but you did get some cute pictures.

  3. Poor little man!!! That picture is so funny though. That'll be a treasure to show him when he's older for sure :) And you never know, it may be a habit he carries with him...Seba used to fall asleep standing up on the metro on the way to work.

  4. No way!! Poor little guy! I hope he starts doing better very soon!! And what's wrong with Blake? Everything ok?

  5. I can't believe he fell asleep standing up! Hope everyone is doing better.

  6. Oh, I hate when kids are sick. It is so sad (but I will say that it is funny to see Nash sleep while standing). Hope he feels better.

    BTW - hope I am not stepping on toes or anything but if you AND a regular pediatrician are at a loss with Blake and it is not his health but you were referring to the potty training problem you have mentioned, I would look into seeing a developmental pediatrician. It may be difficult to find because there are not a ton of them. They have a wealth of knowledge and might know of great resources to help with Blake. Just an idea!