28 June 2011


Every year, our town puts on a big four day festival complete with carnival rides, a parade, concerts, and fireworks each night. We have always seemed to miss out on this event for one reason or another. 

It's a shame, because I love stuff like this.

It feels so magic to me when the whole town comes out. I love how our streets are packed with cars. I love running into a hundred familiar faces. I love getting to experience the excitement with my own children, who are soaking in the bright carnival atmosphere and creating their own memories. It reminds me of the summer celebrations we had in my hometown.

I was really happy that Blake got swept up in the excitement of the whole ordeal. Especially since someone else in our family despises these types of events.

I tried to let Nash enjoy some of the rides but he wasn't having it.

So, I walked Nash back home to spend some quality time with that un-festive member of our family (who shall remain nameless). Blake begged to go on more rides, so the two of us went back and spent the whole night at the carnival. We had the best time.

Blake came up with a new "I'm brave" face after riding on the carousel bench. He didn't show quite the same emotion after going on the mini rollercoaster. 

He enjoyed plenty of other rides that didn't require as much risk though.

He was brave enough to try the ferris wheel and endure the long line leading up to it. And as luck would have it, Blake munched on his popcorn in the most amazing light while we were waiting in line. I think a few people may have been annoyed that we were holding up the progression, but I could not resist that light.

I loved circling around the ferris wheel with my arm around my boy and our feet dangling off the edge.

We lucked out once again when we caught a beautiful sunset on the very top of the ferris wheel.

Another weekend festivity was the local parade. I kind of missed the dress-your-child-in-patriotic-apparel memo. My creative friend Bre made all of her children matching shirts.

Sweet Bella was a little pixie balancing on her mom's hands. Did I mention that her bow and shirt were handmade? Wow.

The celebrations would not be complete without several nights of fireworks. We live close enough to where they launch the display that we could sit in our own front yard and enjoy. While everyone else was frantically trying to find a parking spot and walk over to the park, we relaxed at home with our sparklers.

We had an amazing view of the fireworks. A perfect ending to days of fun and festivity.

27 June 2011


It all started when I let Blake help me water the flowers.

It was discovered that a hose with a nozzle makes a great soaking tool.

Little did Nash know what his big brother had in store for him the next day.

Blake was doing all sorts of scheming.

He went in for the kill.


Blake can be very conniving.

But, after a few days of torture, Nash decided that he liked getting nailed with water after all.

He initiated his own mud bath while waiting for the inevitable.

Boys will be boys.

22 June 2011

Maiden Voyage

We took the boat out on the maiden voyage of the season, but it was a tad cold. The water was 50 degrees and none of us were crazy enough to dive in and wakeboard. So, we bundled up under blankets instead.

Nash had all sorts of fashion faux pas going on.

Not that he cared.

We employed a new captain since he was disappointed that he couldn't go tubing.

Maybe by August the lake will be warm enough to attempt some boating action.

20 June 2011

All About Dad

Troy came home from work one day last week with an article he saved from the Wall Street Journal. It featured the differences between how mothers and fathers parent and the benefits that result from each parenting style.

The article described verbatim how Troy and I each respond to parenting situations. He is the one who distracts and I am the one who identifies feelings.
According to this article, both styles are needed to develop different sets of skills in children. The influence of a father is monumental.

I am so grateful for the father of my children who sacrifices so much for us. For the good example his father was and is to him. And for my own father who taught me to be hard working and confident.

Blake and I made cards to show our appreciation to the three wonderful fathers in our lives.

Blake answered some questions about his dad and his grandpas like he did for me on Mother's Day. I love three year old responses.

The biggest undertaking of Father's Day festivities was making individual pies for all of the fathers at church. Our Primary Presidency was in charge of coming up with a gift, and we were crazy enough to get together and assemble 70 individual pies. We each baked a tray right before church so that we could serve them warm during the third hour.

We baked apple, peach, blueberry, and cherry pies, and the color of the lids corresponded to what type of pie was in each jar. Talk about a treat!
It was worth the effort; to celebrate the influence and the dedication that fathers relentlessly give.

I couldn't think of a better dad for our sweet boys. We adore him.
(April 2010)

17 June 2011


We visited the zoo and Blake was terrified within the first five minutes of the new Zoorassic Park exhibit. There were life-like dinosaurs spread all over the park that moved, roared, snarled, and even spit water. We stood a tad too close to the first dinosaur display and Nash got nailed in the face with a stream of water. Nash seemed surprised but not upset. Blake, however, remained terrified for the rest of the day. He avoided walking near or even looking at the dinosaurs for fear that he was going to get attacked with water.

We did our best to distract him with things like throwing pennies into the fountain.

It helped that Blake's grandparents could join us in our efforts to avoid dinosaurs. They have a six week break from their responsibilities in Hawaii and are soaking up every opportunity to spend time with their grandsons.

We asked Blake if he wanted to ride on a carousel horse, and he immediately responded, "No, I want to sit on the bench." I just smiled at his typical reaction; he didn't want to encounter anything too risky.

Nash bode his time well confined in the stroller.

I thought that playing on the zoo playground might help Blake forget about the dinosaurs, but all I've heard about since our visit was how he was scared at the zoo.

At least one child left without having a traumatic experience.