08 May 2011

All About Mom

Blake answered some questions about me in a questionnaire they worked on in Primary. I thought his responses were pretty funny.

How do I show my mom I love her?
Give her kisses and hugs and make cookies.

My favorite thing to do with my mom is:
Play toys and watch movies.

How old is my mom?

Her favorite food is:
Toast and peaches.

If she has extra time, she likes to:
Play in the sandbox.

When my mom grows up, she wants to be a:
When is she gonna grow up?

What my mom loves most is:
The lawn mower.

He's got me nailed. I always play in the sandbox in my free time and I really love our lawn mower more than anything. Apparently I'm not grown-up yet, which makes sense since he thinks I am 15. I wouldn't say that toast and peaches are my favorite foods, but at least he didn't say Cadbury Eggs. That means that I have been sneaking them well enough for him not to notice.

I love three year olds. Blake showered me with a sweet handmade card along with the humorous connotations.

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Hahahahaha. Best post ever. I can't even imagine how hard you'll laugh at this in twenty years, because I laughed pretty hard right now!

  2. This is SO CUTE.

    Please save this for down the road so you can remember what an adorable three year old Blake is!

  3. Ahahaha.....

    I'm picturing you snacking on toast and peaches during naptime while you go back and forth between the lawnmower and sandbox.....

  4. I'm sure once boys both are asleep at night you just can't wait to get in that sandbox!!

  5. That's so funny! Also, all week Lucy has been saying, "Nash" with a big smile on her face (always out of nowhere, but repeatedly all day). When I opened your blog today both girls started squealing and pointing, "BLAKE!!! NASH!!!! BLAKE!! NASH!!!!"