02 February 2011


Our little mister turned one today.

I cannot believe that it has been a year since Nash came into this world. It has been the fastest year of my life. I feel like we've been living in fast-forward mode and I'm afraid that time will only speed up more. I have treasured this year more than I thought was possible, even though I was exhausted for most of it.

Although I'm excited for Nash to grow up and discover the world around him, I am a little sad about his advancement in age.

I mean, how could he change so quickly in twelve short months?
I don't know where my tiny baby went.

Al I can say is that with each month I fall deeper and deeper in love with him.

I feel so blessed to be Nash's mom. He lights up the room with his generous smiles. He is so easy to please. He makes us feel more like a family. Oh how we adore our Nashy Nashy.


  1. Happy Birthday Nash! I didn't even get a card out. How lame am I? Sorry! Love the collage of pics

  2. We adore him too--what a cutie! Happy First!

  3. I can't believe he is already one!! Makes me realize how fast Austin will be growing up as well!

  4. aw. happy birthday to nash!!! he is so cute :)

  5. Happy Birthday! Also, sent you a message on facebook.

  6. I can't believe your baby is 1!! It is amazing how fast life is with the second child. My gosh I still remember labor with Ryan vividly. Nash is so darn cute I just want to cuddle with him. I LOVE his little teeth :)

    Sorry we didn't get to see each other and our adorable kids when you were in town. Thank goodness for blogs so I can see your kids grow up!

  7. Happy birthday Nash!! He is just too cute.

  8. I'm so late but Happy Birthday Nashie! Love him!