13 May 2010

The Creativity Itch

If I go a long period of time without producing something creative I start to feel a little out of balance. Preparing meals certainly does not fall within my creativity category. My time has been spent elsewhere in the last month or so, and man I sure got the itch this week to create something! I got the idea for this spring wreath here, only guess what I used instead of acorns? Lima beans, spray painted of course.
A classy spring touch to our front door amounted to a feeling of creative accomplishment and a simple way to say welcome home.


  1. This is beautiful! I love wreaths as home decor. I like them during the Christmas season too, but I especially love outside of the Christmas season for some reason.

  2. Yup, it's probably my fault, the "creativity itch" must be heriditary. If I go more than a day without making something (meals excluded, of course) I get the itch too!

    It's way cute (not as cute as the boys).

  3. That is super cute! I am jealous of your talent!