13 April 2010

Nashy Nashy

It's really easy to create nicknames with a name like Nash. Nashy Nashy is the most commonly used in our house. Blake even lists "Nashy Nashy" in his list of people he is grateful for in his prayers. Among other nicknames are Nasherdoodle, Nash Kash B'Gash, Nashigator, Nashers, Lightning Mc-Nash, Nashilicious, Nashing Pumpkins, Nash Money, Nash Pie, Nashville, Nashbox 20, Nashasaurus, Nashurally, Nash Potatoes, Nashmallow, N*A*S*H; you get the picture. Baby Nash has enjoyed going in pool with me, which I have discovered is easiest when Blake is napping and I'm not juggling two little ones at the same time. I am so excited that I finally captured a smile as well - they are so hard to catch on camera when babies are this young!


  1. I can't believe how much he has grown already.. We miss you guys as well. Are you planning on coming to Michigan this summer we would love to see you and your sweet family..

  2. Some of those names sound a bit familiar.