27 March 2010

My Vice

If it weren't for these:

...maybe I'd be able to fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans. Once a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs is opened, I finish it off. I think that they lace those crunchy shells with something; they should be called Crackbury Eggs. We're headed south for a few weeks, where I'm hoping to incorporate lots of outdoor walks and yoga classes to help with my waistline. But, if the Easter Bunny brings me more chocolate goodness in sweet crunchy shells, my jeans may have to wait until May June.


  1. Eat up Nashy #1. Even when you were preggos you were still skinnier than 99% of the people I've ever met. And you still look great. Seriously.

  2. If you're looking for sympathy from the rest of us NORMAL women who take a few months to fit back into our pre-pregnancy jeans, then GOOD LUCK!!!

    As a side note, I can appreciate the addiction. I love those things. Have you had a hard time finding them, because I have out here! Lately, I can't find them at Walmart, Meijer or Target! Rrrghhh...

  3. These are my favorite too. I finished off two bags almost as soon as they were on the shelves.
    Easter candy in general does me in. There is just something about candy in the shape of eggs that makes it taste better.

  4. I have to agree. Those are my biggest candy weakness. They are so good.

  5. I agree, they must be laced with something I don't WANT mini eggs I NEED them!!Weight loss to recommence after mini egg season is over.