31 October 2008

Happy Halloween

We started off our Halloween adventures by going trick-or-treating at Troy's office. It was awesome for the elementary children who could cruise up and down the aisles of desks, loading up their bags with treats in a short amount of time. This method is much more effective than actual door to door trick-or-treating. We didn't load up on candy but we still had fun visiting Troy at work. Troy's team decided to wear sports jerseys as their "costumes." He is usually much more professional looking.

Blake even got to help his dad with equity derivatives.

We also visited Blake's grandpa (or should I say Chef Tanner) at his work.

Blake was burned out by the time we got home. So, we had a nice time staying in and letting the trick-or-treaters come to us. We didn't have as much activity as we thought we would. We now need another Halloween to get rid of all of our extra candy.

27 October 2008

The Big Reveal

Blake is dressing up as a cow for Halloween.


We dressed him up and took him to Gardner Village, a charming little historical shopping center. They deck out the entire place with lots of Halloween décor.

The cow played with the straw.

And then he ate the straw.

Mama and her baby calf.

Our whole family got in on the cow theme at our trunk-or-treat party. Blake held a box of nerds in his hands for at least two hours. He just didn't want to let it go, even when he was eating. It made a great rattle and a wonderful comfort toy as he was exposed to scary costumes, heaps of candy, and children wildly whacking piñatas.

25 October 2008

Wedding Birds

My friends Becky and Trevor tied the knot. We went down to Arizona for their beautiful wedding.

My date (my other date had to work).

They made cute wedding birds to decorate the arbor and tables. Each one was completely unique.

Blake's favorite part of the trip was climbing into our suitcase fifty times a day.

22 October 2008

Pumpkin Love

Blake loves our pumpkins. Every time we are outside, he climbs up the stairs to play with them.

16 October 2008

Double, Double Toil and Trouble

Fire burn, and cauldron bubble. Blake has learned how to get into trouble!

He "sorts" all of our mail.

He pulls out the silverware from the dishwasher.

He reaches through the banister to grab all of the paper from the printer.

He pulls out my hair accessories from the drawer every time I am getting ready.

He keeps a hair tie in his mouth for a good 20 minutes.

He takes every item out of my purse at least 4 times daily.

He somehow maneuvers getting his arm out of his shirt during nap time.

He pulls out the tissues from the tissue box.

He climbs into the bathroom cupboards.

He gets mad when the gate blocks his access.

He pulls all of the bowls out of the cupboard.

He stands up in his crib instead of sleeping.

He makes adorable faces when I come to get him and proves all of the trouble making to be 100% worthwhile!

12 October 2008

Follow-Up to Previous Post

This is why I am not a fan of this season:

Our valley decided to just skip the fall and go right into this blessed winter season. Yes, it is October 12th.

09 October 2008

Pumpkin Bum

Fall is here and Blake has appropriate apparel.

The little pumpkin bum scoots around.

Blake's grandma also knit him a pumpkin hat.

It seems like I have been hearing and reading everywhere lately that people are so excited about the arrival of fall. To me, fall means runny noses, having to wear socks and shoes again, bundling up to go outside, everything dying, and a long bleak winter on its way. Don't get me wrong, I'm not the scrooge of fall or anything. I enjoy Halloween and pretty colored trees, it's just that I am more of a spring and summer kind of girl. Maybe I'm the only one, because everyone seems to be buzzing about fall. The bright side is that I have an adorable Halloween costume for Blake that I can't wait to reveal.

03 October 2008

Mission: Crawl

Here is Blake's journey over the last few months of learning to crawl: