28 February 2008

Moments Like These

We haven't had too much going on around here since coming home from Arizona, but we have been enjoying sweet moments with Blake. It seems like he is continually reaching new milestones. He found himself in the mirror this week, and cracks up when he sees his image. He has started showing interest in toys, and bats at them even though he cannot quite hold them yet. He also slept his first 6-hour stretch last night. I will take a lot more of that.

He is starting to look like such a big boy. Where did the time go?

Blake would probably like to start sleeping in his crib at night instead of his little glider in our room considering that he loves to sprawl out. He naps in his crib during the day, but I'm not sure if I am emotionally ready to have him out of our room at night yet.

Post-bath 'do.

Blake has developed quite a relationship with this swinging monkey. We'll be in the other room and hear him chattering away to his new friend.

23 February 2008

We Love AZ

We love Arizona for many reasons.

We get to do lots of things that we can't do at home, like go on walks OUTSIDE!

Except Blake had no idea we were outside.

We visited our friend Aunt Becky and the Miller family. I lived with them for a semester in college and miss them so much.

Becky is super creative and was so sweet to give Blake a personalized present.

We enjoyed the fresh air out on the porch with no snow on the ground.

Blake inevitably endured lots of pictures from Grandma Julie. She posed him in a project she was working on for Easter.

And finally, Blake gave his mom lots of love! Ok, he does that at home too. We will sure miss the perks of sunny Arizona though.

21 February 2008

Pool Time

We have been in Arizona all week to visit Grandma and Grandpa Nash. Blake had his first adventure in the pool. He wasn't sure what to think of it at first. He was pretty tired and the water was much cooler than his baths. Once he found his hand to suck on though, he was happy. He kicked his little legs and relaxed in his turtle recliner. He did not love the sunglasses, however. Every time I put them on him, he held his breath. It must have been terrifying to him to have the world go dark. But it was really funny to watch.

14 February 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

I love my two Valentines.

12 February 2008

Teaching Days

I went to visit my kindergarten class this morning because they were putting on a patriotic President's Day program. It was so much fun to see them again and yet it seems like eons ago that I was their teacher. It was weird to think that they have just been going to school like normal all this time, only with a new teacher. It really meant a lot to me to talk to some of their parents. A few parents asked me questions about their child's education and if I thought they were ready for 1st grade. It felt really nice to be respected and for my opinion to be of value to them, even though they are all older than me and have had several more children and years of experience. It was a great feeling to be respected in my career and to receive recognition for what I did.

Yet, at the same time, I wouldn't trade being a mom for anything. Even though I may not get the same praise or credit that I did as a teacher, it doesn't matter because I know that there is great value in staying home with Blake. It has been an interesting transition to go from juggling a classroom of kindergartners to focusing all my energy on just one child, and I have to say that I have absolutely loved it.

I am grateful that I got to use my degree and teach for a few years. I think it makes me appreciate more the opportunity to raise a child on those days when I don't receive as much verbal recognition. I'm glad that I could experience both, and who knows, maybe I'll go back someday. For now, an hour at school was enough to last me for awhile, and I'm going to enjoy giving all of my energy to Blake.

My cute class proudly waved their flags as they belted out lyrics.

I made it through our Halloween party when I was 8 months pregnant.

We had a Thanksgiving celebration on my last day of teaching. A couple of weeks later, Blake was born and my formal teaching days were put on the back burner. I have to say though, I have much less discipline problems with my two month old baby than I did with my class of energetic kindergardeners. Becoming a stay-at-home-mom has suited me quite well.

11 February 2008

Mr. GQ

Our friend Alisa positioned Blake like this while he was sleeping.

Maybe he can be the next GQ model?

08 February 2008

Blake's New Girlfriend

My friend Kourtni that I grew up with in Michigan had a baby six weeks after Blake was born. We ended up in the same ward out here which is pretty crazy considering there are hundreds. Kourtni and I used to play together in our diapers when we were little and we've decided to hook up our babies. We're a fan of arranged marriages. Blake looks like a giant next to little Kylie. She weighs about what he did when he was born. I can't believe how much he has grown.

05 February 2008

Like Mother, Like Son

Anyone who knows me well knows that I always sit on my heels with my legs and knees folded in. I sit like this more than I sit "normally"; typing on the computer, sitting at the dinner table, sitting on the couch, riding in the car, sitting on the floor, etc. It is just more comfortable to sit on my heels. Troy has been very worried ever since we got married that our kids would pick up on my "bad sitting manners" and sit on their heels at the dinner table at friends' houses. Well, we discovered last night that maybe Blake did inherit my sitting genes, because when I sat him down on the couch, he perched his legs up just like his mommy! That a boy.

Snowed In

We were hit by 3 snowstorms last week which meant spending a lot of time inside.

Lately, Blake has liked being upright a lot more than laying down. He loves to observe the world and know what is going on.

I don't even try to slick his hair down anymore - we like the stick-up do'.

We tried flipping him around on my knees facing the ground. He wasn't too keen on that.

Blake wore a big boy outfit to church.

Our big adventure of the week was bundling up to take cookies to our neighbors. We do whatever we can to get out sometimes.