28 January 2008

Go Cougars

We took Blake to his first BYU game on Saturday. It was actually my first BYU game too. Troy and I have just never really gotten into supporting BYU sports. I think it has to do with neither of us spending our Freshman year at BYU, when you become attached to your school's team and get decked out to go to games with groups of fellow freshmen. Now that we are staying in Utah though, we kind of wish we would have gotten into BYU more. It was pretty fun to go to the game and try to mimic the fight song. We don't really foresee becoming Utah Jazz fans anytime soon, so maybe we will have to work on our love for BYU. It's too bad that Utah doesn't have more good sports teams.

Blake was a little angel, as usual. He stayed awake and happy for the first half and then crashed during the second. Other than the lack of sleep, he really has not hampered our lifestyle too much yet! We've taken him to movies, restaurants, and church, and never had a problem! Everyone tells us to enjoy it now. Also, Blake has more BYU paraphernalia than Troy and I combined, thanks to Grandma Tanner.

24 January 2008

The Nursery

I've been meaning to post pictures of Blake's nursery. Even though we couldn't go all out with our apartment restrictions, I was so excited to be able to gather baby items. The nursery was finished in October, two months before Blake's arrival.

6 Week Pictures

Steph helped me take some pictures of Blake while she was here. I love the one of him smiling.

A Week with Auntie Stephie

One of my best friends, Stephanie, and her daughter, Skyler, came to visit us this week. Steph was my roommate in college and in some ways it felt just like old times. We spent hours talking (my voice is still hoarse), laughing, playing games, dancing with our babies, going to movies, and attempting to shop with two little ones. I think Troy got a real kick out of our silliness, and often just shook his head and said "Wow."

Back in college, we had stars in our eyes when we thought about pushing our strollers around together someday. The reality was just as sweet as we used to dream about. It was a little easier to get out the door when we weren't trying to balance eating and napping schedules, but we loved every minute of spending time together again. Skyler loved baby Blake and showed her own motherly instincts by covering him up with a blanket when he was sleeping and playing peek-a-boo with him. Our apartment already feels empty without my buddies. I wish Utah and Michigan weren't so far apart!

08 January 2008

One Month

Yesterday marked Blake's one month birthday. We can't believe how fast he is growing. He is rapidly developing a unique personality.

He loves to take baths now that he can be in his tub. He had an accident on me at this very moment.

He often gets startled in his sleep, and shoots his hands straight up in the air. He generally holds them there for 5 minutes or more. He looks like he is conducting an orchestra. We sure get a kick out of it.

Blake made some diaper box friends. We had the box next to his changing pad at the Tanners' over Christmas, and every time we put him down to change him, he became fixated with the mom and baby on the box. He wouldn't take his eyes off his new "friends."

He makes a lot of funny faces.

We finally got a real smile out of him and not just those half-asleep smiles.

Blake loves his dad.

Blessing Day

Blake was blessed in church on Sunday. Troy gave him a beautiful blessing. We were so grateful for friends and family that came to participate in the event. I was very worried that Blake was going to cry during the blessing, but our sweet baby slept through the whole thing.