12 July 2014

NYC Homecoming

If it weren't for these three boys that we missed like crazy (and our sore walking feet), I don't think we would have ever wanted to leave New York. It was such a refreshing, liberating, exhausting trip. 

But we were so happy to see these faces again. 



We're so thankful to my parents who made our trip possible. They took the boys to swimming lessons, the splash pad, the movie theater, church, and a play while we were gone. They baked cookies and took daily walks. And even though they dealt with coughing and fevers and teething, the boys were in great hands and I never had to worry once about their care.

With the addition of baby #4, we know it'll be a looooong time before we can take a trip with just the two of us again. We couldn't be more grateful for one last babymoon.

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