25 May 2014

End of Preschool

I don't know how it's possible that another school year has come and gone.

I'm hyperventilating a little bit because the structure I want to bring to our summer days is far from in place. However, ready or not, school is ending.

Blake only has two days left of Kindergarten and Nash just wrapped up preschool.

Here he is on his first and last days of preschool this year. All grown up.
DSC_0482 copy-2.jpg

His class put on their traditional graduation performance on the evening of his last day. He could not refrain from jumping off the bottom step of the bleachers for the life of him. We were in hysterics watching him jump over and over again. He managed to simultaneously sing every word and perform every motion, which made the whole production even funnier. It's no wonder it is impossible for him to stay in his chair at the kitchen table.

We sure love our little wiggle worm.

Nash received a coupon at school for an ice cream cone (from a dentist of all people) a few weeks prior to graduation. He begged and begged to redeem it, so we took him out to celebrate after his performance. 



That ice cream cone sure eased the pain of his school year ending. Got to love low expectations.


  1. Love that first picture! I saw a generational one like that on pinterest and wanted to try it. Did you use Photoshop?

    1. If I would have been on the ball, I would have had the first day of school photo printed. But since I wasn't, yes - I Photoshopped it in!

  2. I absolutely love the picture of Nash holding the photo of his first day at preschool!! So darling!!