06 November 2013

The World Series

We had so much fun watching our Red Sox play in the World Series. I never knew I could get so nervous for a ballgame. Our boys got in on the action. They mostly just cared about the trophy at the end, but they came running from all directions when they heard us clapping and cheering.

We happen to have children born on years that the Red Sox win the World Series, so it bode well for us that we had another good luck charm born this year.

Despite the way Crew felt from being mauled by his brothers, we were ecstatic when the Red Sox claimed the World Series title at Fenway Park. We're going to miss the gametime hype and excitement that filled our fall evenings this year.


  1. Oh my goodness! If you could actually get a baby to pose with a specific expression you couldn't have chosen a better one. That is hilarious!! You should send it in somewhere!! It just cracks me up!! That aside, I just love that you and the boys have embraced the Red Sox with Troy (and me!) You are fabulous!

  2. P.S. I also think the 8th picture is a real gem. Blake and Nash are buddying it up and there's Crew in his own little world looking like he's saying to himself, "What the heck are these crinkly things on the lawn?"