25 December 2012

Merry Merry

I am so grateful for these children of mine.

I'm grateful for how they look out for one another. How they genuinely love each other.

And how even though they fight to no end (this isn't even staged), they are quick to say "I'm sorry." They truly are best friends.

I'm grateful that they forgive me when I make mistakes.

I’m so grateful God trusted me with them. I do not take that lightly.

I'm grateful for my oldest child. For the responsible, intelligent and creative individual he is becoming.

I'm grateful for my "baby" of the last three years. His spunk and sweetness has brought me so much joy.

As I reflect on the birth of the Savior, I'm grateful for the opportunity and miracle it is to create new life. I'm especially grateful that the first six months of this rough pregnancy are behind me, and I can finally enjoy the kicks and flutters from within.

And I'm grateful for a husband, my rock, that has put up with me through some pretty difficult times this year.

I'm feeling especially blessed this Christmas.


  1. You look beautiful. And I can officially say that I am the same size as you, three months behind you. Rrrrrghhh. I'll try not to hate you too much. Merry Christmas!