04 December 2012

A Burlap Christmas

Up until now, our Christmas decorations have been a smorgasbord of items from college and newlywed days, hand-me-downs and handmade gifts. There wasn't anything that was necessarily tacky about any of it, but I've never had the opportunity to create my own cohesive collection.

I've been feeling a little better during daytime hours the last few weeks, so I jumped at the chance to pick out new colors and themes and dive into a project with my newfound energy.

Instead of shopping over Thanksgiving weekend, I had a party with my 14 rolls of burlap. I still don't have any Christmas shopping checked off my list, but I have new ruffly stockings, a tree skirt, and wreath to show for my time.

And I'm pretty excited about it.

As a side note, I bought the pin with the first letter of the name I want to use for baby as well, just in case. That $3 investment definitely secures my pick, right? Troy and I can never agree on names.

Maybe if I get really ambitious I'll even put together a burlap ruffle tutorial tomorrow.

Update: tutorial here.


  1. Just looking at this post makes me tired! That tree skirt looks like a lot of work! Everything looks awesome though. So pretty!

  2. oh my gosh, that is so BEAUTIFUL!!!! great, now I want a new tree. lol. I seriously love everything about it. So classy.

  3. Looks great all finished! I think you forgot to mention the 100 glue sticks you used!

  4. Those decorations look so beautiful! I lOVE that tree skirt, you have a gift for decorating.