14 September 2011

How to Use Leftover Window Screening

Our screen door leading to the backyard was punched through a few too many times thanks to our littles.

I finally got around to replacing it. When I was finished, there was about a foot of leftover window screening.

I decided that my summer long crafting hiatus had come to an end, so I repurposed the extra screening into an earring holder. I also solved the issue of having to dig through my overflowing jewelry box from 7th grade to find each earring's match. Win, win.

If your earrings are scattered all throughout the house like mine were, here is an easy tutorial on how to make this earring holder.

You'll need:
  • Window screening (it comes on a roll in the windows section at your local hardware store). 
  • A picture frame. I used oval but you could use any shape.
  • A hot glue gun or staple gun.

Take the glass out of the picture frame. Use the glass as a pattern to cut the shape out of your window screening. Hot glue the screening onto the back of the frame (You may want to use a pencil eraser to push it it place so you don't burn your fingers on the glue that comes through the screening - I learned that one the hard way). You could use a staple gun as well if the wood in your frame is thicker. Hang your earrings and you are done!

I keep my earring holder resting on the counter in the bathroom, but it would look awesome hanging on the wall as well.


  1. I LOVE this idea! Cute AND helpful. I have the same problem with my earrings. I need more details though. Is that a picture frame around it? And do you have it hanging on a wall, or sitting on your dresser? I didn't recognize the background behind it.

  2. Yes, it's an empty picture frame. I hot glued the screening along the inside rim. It is pictured against some fabric, but I have it leaning up against the corner of my bathroom counter so I can see my choices all the time. It could be hung on the wall as well.

  3. such a smart idea. Whet did you get the screen?

  4. This is a very good idea. My earrings are scattered all over the house. Will definitely do this project have my earrings organized.

  5. The screening comes in a roll at Home Depot or Lowe's in the windows section. I got the frame at JoAnn's - probably a year or so ago on clearance.

  6. How creative & modern! Love it! Well done.

  7. Lindsey, I love how resourceful you are! What a brilliant idea. You could sell something like that at a craft fair/show. I know I would totally want to buy it. -Tricia