31 August 2011


I am in love with splash pads. 

I tried taking the boys to the local pool once this summer, and it was absolute chaos trying to keep them both afloat in the midst of a crazy crowd. It about gave me a heart attack. Splash pads, however, give them the freedom to run around and get soaking wet without being submerged in water.

It has been so hot here lately that if we go outside, we have to stay wet. I know my mom is rolling her eyes because it is 117 degrees where she lives in the desert, but it has been hot enough that regular parks are out of the question. The brand new modern splash pad we stumbled upon a few weeks ago has become our new weekly outing.


  1. Great photos! And way to narrow yours down to just four favorites, I'm so impressed.

  2. Aaaand, splash pads are also way better for photos than regular old pools :)