22 July 2011


Nothing quite beats the breathtaking sunsets on Lake Michigan. I've tried to explain them to friends out west who can't quite visualize them. But they really must be seen in person.

As usual, I couldn't resist the beautiful slanting light en route to the sunset view. 

You may have noticed that Blake only has one "posing" face as of late. The only way I can get him to semi-cooperate for pictures is to have him squish his cheeks in his hands. He calls it his "brave face." And sometimes it turns out a bit angry-looking.

Mountains of sand have crept their way onto every surface and crevice.

But all that sand is a million times worth the mess when we get to experience moments like these.


  1. Michigan is so beautiful and terribly underappreciated.

    And that LIGHT. Wow, stunning. Beautiful pics of your babies in that light!

  2. you takr such beautiful pictures!! i need a new camera :)
    i love that one of you and nash

  3. love love love the pics! can't WAIT to see you soon!!!

  4. Did you know I did my elementary state report on Michigan? It just sounded so nice. And here are the pictures to prove it! BEAUTIFUL sunset light! And wow (you're right) I love what your lens does with depth of field.