22 June 2011

Maiden Voyage

We took the boat out on the maiden voyage of the season, but it was a tad cold. The water was 50 degrees and none of us were crazy enough to dive in and wakeboard. So, we bundled up under blankets instead.

Nash had all sorts of fashion faux pas going on.

Not that he cared.

We employed a new captain since he was disappointed that he couldn't go tubing.

Maybe by August the lake will be warm enough to attempt some boating action.


  1. So cute! I wish we had someone to go boating with, even if it was cold! Nash looked a lot like Blake in that picture. Hoping we can have our weekly chat today???

  2. Cool temperatures, a boat, and water sound wonderful. It's 114+ here today. I'm longing to wear jeans and a sweatshirt. The boys still look cute with their layers on!