18 March 2011

Bon Voyage

Troy's parents left for their service mission in Hawaii this morning. They stopped over yesterday to say goodbye to their grandchildren. There was a lot of laughter and a lot of weeping. Who wouldn't miss these fun grandparents?

Even though they will get to come home for six weeks this summer, saying goodbye to them felt like the end of an era. They are selling their house, so gone are the days of living close to family. Unless we move, it is just us now. It already feels a little lonelier.


  1. Such very young (and fun!) grandparents! You are really lucky to have had them around for as long as you have. Look at it that way, the boys will have tons of fun memories with them as kids, and now you have an excuse to go on vacation wherever they're living :)

    And PS. I don't know Vivian, only via blog...but the blogosphere is a small one...I thought she found my blog through you!

  2. I LOVE that last picture! I left a comment on your online album, but it looks like your mother in law came back later, right? That's good! I'm glad you got to see her before they left. I feel sad for you to not have any family living close. We can be your pseudo brother and sister in law if you'd like. My girls already love your boys like cousins :)