10 November 2010

Love/Hate Relationship

It's all love and hugs and high pitched greetings until his little brother tries to take his most prized possession.

This captures their everyday relationship to a T.


  1. Oh I just love how he says "Nashy", and I have to say that big brother is really pretty nice about not wanting blankie touched! No hitting or screaming loud, so that is great!

    Nash is like a cute little inchworm at the end of the video.

  2. This is just like our house! except Emma probably would have been pushed in the face instead of just her hand pushed away. lol

  3. Kylie made me watch this video 3 times and I laughed right out loud each time. I love the look on Nash's face when Blake is saying hello to him.

  4. "Nashy" So cute! Your boys are adorable!