02 September 2010

Seven Months and Rocking

Nash learned how to transfer onto all fours and rock back and forth. He tucks in his little knees and moves them as if he is crawling but he hasn't quite figured out how to move his hands yet. Nevertheless, I fear that full-on crawling is a few short weeks away. His body just seems too little to be able to do this already!

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  1. I agree-he's too little for that already! Oh, and by the way, I took Gracie in to have her ears checked and she was 15 lb, 8 oz. Have we surpassed Nash? hehehe

    Happy Birthday! I am without a phone, and though I love you dearly, I have not memorized your phone number. So I can't call or text, even if I wanted to. So frustrating!!! Hopefully you get my card today to make up for it!