25 September 2010

Photo Op

I could not resist the opportunity to have a few photos shot of our family while all of my boys were in tuxedos. In addition to taking our family pictures, Lincoln was willing to battle the wind to whip out a few pictures of us in between our sister's ceremony and reception (which I just updated with some of the professional pictures - go look if you want to see the awesome effects the wind had on their shots). I have shared an overload of wedding pictures recently, so I promise that this will be my absolute last wedding related post!


  1. I'm so jealous of all your beautiful family pictures!! They all look so great.

  2. The tuxedos never get old! Great pics.

    I looked at the updated wedding pics. You're so right-the wind makes them awesome! Tricia is so lucky, she has some incredible wedding photos!

  3. Hi, the pictures are so cute! I also wanted to tell you I love the new look of your blog! I have been dying to get my customized, I might need some tips from you! Looks great!