19 September 2010

It's a Girl

No, it's not me who is having a girl. The stars haven't quite aligned that way for me yet. But I am thrilled that my friend and neighbor BreAna is finally having a baby girl!

She has the three most gorgeous boys on the planet. Seriously. Of course I think my boys are darling and good-looking in a biased parent sort of way, but BreAna's boys could all be models with their curly hair and bright blue eyes.

Even with a house full of strapping boys, BreAna was aching for a baby girl. We have had many conversations together about this topic. We would never trade one of our little men for a girl, but we are always hoping and praying that we will be blessed with a girl someday. So, I was thrilled when BreAna found out that her 4th would  finally be a girl!

To celebrate BreAna's baby Bella and help to transform her closet from blue to pink, my friend Angie and I threw her a baby shower. We enjoyed good food, good company, and lots and lots of PINK!


  1. Can I hire you to plan my sister-in-law's shower for me? Seriously, I am NOT good at this stuff and every time I look at your blog it makes me wish that I could throw this adorable of an event for her!!!

    PS. Did you take the first picture of your neighbor's kids? It's awesome!

  2. girls showers are so fun :) where did you get the recipes for those cute desserts?? i'm throwing a shower next month and am on the lookout for food ideas. did you make them, or maybe your friend did? your showers are always so cute!

  3. haha so cute. I love the pic of me opening presents. lol. Oh man I can't wait to get this weight off. Thank you so much for the shower it really was amazing. and of course for you sweet coments on your blog about my boys.

  4. You really do throw awesome showers. I really miss that ward and all the wonderful ladies in those pics. Friendliest ward ever.

    Congratulations BreAnna!