20 June 2010

This One's For Troy

To the Father of my Children/Daddy,

Since you have been away from us for so long, we thought we would remind you how much we love you via video montage. Happy Father's Day!

The Homefront

P.S. Not that you would be surprised by this in any way coming from yours truly, but these are some great lyrics.


  1. Ohhhhhh so cute!! I lOVE the end with Blake saying "Love you dada". Made me cry. I bet Troy misses them so much. Blake is so darn big! He looks so old.

  2. And I love that song-sometimes I get out her cd just to listen to that one because I'm sick of the rest. :)

  3. I love your video! Ya he does right me poems once in a while, and I am lucky, I know. he is one of those guys that can say it better in writting. How are you? Are you coming any time this summer? I would LOVE to ee you and your beautiful children. Ha ha I'm going to visit teach Katie this morning:) Small world huh? Hope you have a wonderfull day, All my love!