07 June 2010

Night Views

We discovered on my last night in New York City that our apartment building had an accessible roof with amazing views. We stayed on the lower tip of Manhattan in the Financial District which was really nice because it was so much quieter than the rest of the city. It also provided these incredible night time views.

We overlooked the Hudson River and Jersey City.

We saw the Statue of Liberty and Liberty Island.

From the other side of the roof we saw Ground Zero and the construction of the new World Trade Center.

And finally, we saw a gorgeous glimpse of the Manhattan skyline.


  1. so pretty--it makes me want to go to NYC. I have never been!

  2. Oh how I have loved all your posts about New York. I went there a couple years before I got married. Such an amazing city. I will give you big kudos for bringing a baby. But what wonderful memories and pictures you have of just Nash with Mommy and Daddy in the Big Apple!!

  3. GREAT photography!! And you said you don't know anything...