27 June 2010

Look Who's Home

We are all pleased as punch that Troy is finally home! It has been a long five weeks.

We spent our first day back together on the boat. I forgot Blake's sippy cup, which made for a lot of laughs while Troy attempted to let Blake drink from a water bottle.

Blake told Troy the last few times on the phone; "Dada, come over!" As if he didn't even live with us anymore, but was more like a playmate. He has been thrilled that Dada "came over" and stayed and played with us for the whole weekend. Our town even put on a fireworks display that we viewed from our front yard to welcome him home. It might have also been in accordance with our town's summer celebration, but still, what a welcome! We are loving being able to soak him up.


  1. Yaaaay, Nashy #1, you must be so happy!!! I can't imagine having to go it alone for 5 weeks, let alone with two little boys to deal with!

  2. Congrats on having Troy home and not feeling like a single mother!!

  3. I don't know how you did it for five whole weeks, but hooray that Troy's back!