27 May 2010

Joining My Man on Wall Street

Troy is in New York again for 5 weeks this time. It's quarterly roll time at Goldman. We're breaking up the long time apart by joining him for a week.

Meet my traveling companion:

I have to admit that I'm pretty excited to spend some quality one-on-one time with my little one. Not that I don't adore Blake, but when Troy's mom graciously offered to watch Blake so that we could go visit Troy, I took her up on her offer right away. Flying with two children under two and carting them all around the Big Apple by myself with no cribs or toys didn't really seem feasible. I think it will be pretty easy to have Nash as a traveling buddy though. He is at the perfect age to travel and still be able to nap in his stroller while we explore. I haven't been to New York since High School and that was on a choir trip that was all planned out, so I'm very excited for the big city! I'd love suggestions on the things we must see, do, and eat. NYC here we come!


  1. Hey! I just met your mom today when she bought some fabric from me and she referred me to your blog! You have such cute little boys! I was wondering...what camera do you have? Your photos are so clear and beautiful. Would you emailing me and letting me know? Thanks! (sewdangcute@gmail.com)

    Have fun in NY!!

  2. Troy is starting to travel almost as much as Josh. You're not going to move to New York as soon as I get to Utah, are you??

  3. Awww, I almost bought that same shirt when I was in NYC. Me and Nashy #2 could've been twinsies!

    I have a recommendation for you -- banana pudding from Magnolia's Bakery: 1240 Avenue of the Americas right by Rockfeller Center

    And then for cupcakes you have to try Crumb's.

    Both are fabulous dessert places!

  4. Haha, love the shirt! I'm so glad you have the opportunity to do this! Have a great time! Can't wait to hear about your adventures!

    Love the pictures from Temple Square. You look beautiful!

  5. Just an FYI, I have learned through other travelers that companies "rent" out baby equipment for a reasonable price so as to provide a car seat upon arrival at the airport, crib, stroller, even step stools for potty trainers....crazy!

  6. Hi Lindsey! Your mom's friend Sarah here. I'm in NYC (well, Queens actually) for a few days as well. One of my must-dos this trip was a trip to Macy's in Herald Square for purse shopping. And a trip to NYC w/out a stop at Kate's Paperie is never complete. http://www.katespaperie.com/ Paper Presentation http://www.paperpresentation.com/ is pretty wonderful as well and there's a great little children's bookstore across the street. If you're trying to fill a day while Troy is working, you and Tanner might enjoy a walking food tour. My sister and I did the Melting Pot Tour a few years ago and really enjoyed it. http://www.enthusiasticgourmet.com/ Have a great trip!