12 October 2009

Revamping Blake's Room and Alphabet Wall

It's finally done! I have been working on transforming Blake's room into a big boy room since July, throughout all of my other projects. I think I am most excited about this room out of all of the revamping I've done around the house these past few months. I just want to hang out in Blake's new pad all day long.

It all started with the chairs. Blake loved sitting in satellite chairs at my parents' house, so when I found similar chairs, I just had to get them. I could only find the chairs in navy, and since navy didn't match the old d├ęcor, the wheels in my head started turning for a total room makeover. Troy even agreed to let me paint the walls which is a big deal for him. I was only planning on painting one accent wall, but Troy didn't like the look of that, so I ended up painting the whole room. Blake and his crib were temporarily moved into the guest room for a week while I painted.

My favorite addition to his room is the alphabet wall. I've been collecting alphabet letters for a few months and I finally finished painting them and hanging them up over the weekend.

Here are some of the other details. I mostly just repainted or added to what was already there. I used a lot of fabrics, ribbons, and papers. I also got a little orange-spray-paint-happy.

I am really excited now that we know that Blake is going to have a brother because they can eventually share this "big boy" room. I think we'll keep them separated until their sleeping schedules are similar, but Troy is very happy that I'm not going to get pink-spray-paint-happy anytime soon.


  1. Way cute! Wherever did you get your crafty-crafty abilities? Can't wait to see it person, better yet to see the boy that lives in this adorable room. Does he know what a talented mom he has? I'm glad you are already working on his alphabet with him!

  2. i love it!!!! you are so good at decorating! the letters are adorable

  3. Everything looks so good. My favorite are the letters. Brody would LOVE it!!

  4. I absolutely love it. I never cease to be amazed at your craftiness. It looks great! I have totally been in the mood to give Skyler's room a makeover, but I have to wait and see if the next one is a boy or girl. If it's a boy, a nursery it must stay!

    I must say...you better enjoy dolling up Blake's room with ribbons and scrapbook paper now, because I'm sure there will come a day when all he wants is football posters all over his room!!! :)

  5. That's adorable Linds!! I love it

  6. I LOVE the new look! That alphabet is so super cute. You did a great job. :-) I am speechless. . .seriously!

    Question for you: do you remember what color of green you used to paint the room. I have been looking for a color of green that I like for Isaac's room. I really like how this green looks. If you do would you mind emailing the name of it to me? andyandjessie@gmail.com or just comment on my blog :-)