15 June 2009

First Day of Nursery

Blake wasn't able to go to nursery last Sunday because his dad and him were both home sick. So, yesterday was our first attempt. Thank you for all of your suggestions to make the transition run smoothly. To endure the afternoon nursery time, I decided to try to get him to nap in the morning before church. I tired him out by letting him play outside for about an hour. Then, I gave him a bath. I thought he would just play in his crib since I put him down 3 hours before his usual nap time, but when we went through the bedtime routine of book, song, and prayer, he knew just what to do. He fell asleep right away, took a normal nap, and I woke him up just before our 1pm church time.

Blake did very well at his first day of nursery. He cried really hard when I left him (which I expected), but he calmed down and was great during the rest of the class. I expected the nursery leaders to come get me, but the two hours went by and I was never retrieved. He seemed perfectly happy when I went to pick him up. All things considered, I couldn't have asked for a better first day. I'm sure that it won't be smooth sailing from here on out. I know we will have rough days here and there, but I couldn't be happier about how the first day went. I'm so proud of Blake. He is such a big boy! He called his grandma after church to tell her all about how well he did in nursery.

Blake loves to lay on the bottom stair and talk on the phone. It's like his teenage chilling out position.

Then, my sweet angel made a huge disaster. He handed the phone over so I could talk to my dad who has been in Ecuador for a month. Meanwhile, he went upstairs to play with his toys, or so I thought. I went up to check on him, and found him sitting in the dark, covered in white. I turned on the light to reveal his mischief. He had unscrewed the cap on his lotion and spread the white cream everywhere!

I mean, everywhere! It was partially my fault, because I accidently left the lotion on the ground while trying to quickly get him down for a nap after his bath. I'm sure he thought he found the jackpot of messiness.

He tried to eat the lotion-covered cap too.

So, I stripped him down, and as if he knew he was in trouble, he put himself in his own little time out. Really, I think he just likes his little booster chair. But, he sure had the "I was busted" look on his face.


  1. I'm so jealous!! Jonathan has tried nursurey 3 times now and each time has been a disaster! He cries HARD for about 20 minutes and then I get him back. Your lucky you can try the nap earlier, I have to try to get him to nap later. It doesn't work well.

  2. That cream looks like a ton of fun to clean up ;) I'm glad that nursery went well for ya! It's nice to beable to actually listen to the lesson again.

  3. Glad Blake's first day of nursery went well!

  4. I randomly found your blog, and enjoy reading about you and your fam. :) (Sorry to just randomly leave a stalker'esh message, without introducing.) :)

  5. I'm glad his first day went so well!

    And why is it that the one time you leave something in their reach they zero in and destroy? Toddlers...

  6. lol, ok I guess he's not such a neat freak after all!!! I can't believe how well the first day of nursery went! You didn't have to go in there at all? That's gotta be some kind of record!

    5 more days!!!!!