26 May 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

It started out like this:

The weather was beautiful. We played in the sprinklers, planted some much needed trees and flowers, and went to a few wedding receptions.

It ended like this:

Downpouring rain and the stomach flu. Blake couldn't keep anything down all day Saturday, he had a high fever, and we almost brought him to the ER because he was so dehydrated. We went through 6 changes of clothes, 4 loads of laundry, 3 baths, and 2 carseat covers. Then on Monday, I got it too. 

I'm convinced that we are doomed for the Memorial Day holiday. Three years ago, I got stuck overnight in the Chicago O'Hare airport while trying to fly home to my brother's graduation. Two years ago, I was the most sick I have ever been (it didn't help that I was pregnant and on a camping trip). Last year, it also rained all day, and this year wasn't much of an improvement. I think it might be safe for us to not make any big plans on Memorial Day next year.


  1. Yeah...i think memorial day is definitely not your holiday. I hope you are feeling better!

    BTW, I love the picture of Blake with the bubbles! So cute!

  2. Ugh...I hope you are feeling better now. Stomach flu is the worst! I am not jealous!