31 March 2009

Spring Training

Troy spent the weekend in Florida going to Red Sox spring training games with seven of his friends from his high school in Boston.

They also spent 11+ hours doing 28 rounds of drafts for Fantasy Baseball.

I'm not too bitter about Troy going to Florida without me, first of all because there were 8 guys crammed into 2 hotel rooms (yuck), and second, because I had the chance to go see David live in concert with my girlies!

I don't necessarily love the teen-boppy hits that he has released so far, but I just think he has the most pure voice, he is always spot on with every note he hits, and he sings with such heartfelt sincerity. I definitely preferred his slower ballads.

I even dressed and did my my hair like a 14-year-old so that I would fit in with the screaming crowd. Archie didn't have time to compliment my David 'do after the concert, but I know he was admiring it from afar.


  1. HAHA! If I didn't know you had a husband and baby waiting for you at home I totally would have believed you're 14 years old. :)

  2. I told Jake about Troy's fun trip and he was very jealous. What fun times for him and his friends plus you were able to have a fun girls night!!