27 December 2008

Christmas #2

We celebrated Christmas #2 with Troy's family. Santa brought Blake some presents because of the message on his bib.

Blake dressed up as Santa and was definitely the cutest Santa I saw all season.

These pictures were fun to take because Troy kept pretending to drop Blake, and then he whipped him back up while he was still laughing in time for a snapshot.

Santa loves his grandma.

The Tanners have a tradition of playing the chimes on Christmas Eve. I must say, we improved greatly on our Christmas Carols since last year. We may be ready to go on the road soon.

Blake even got to play a little bit. It was very different than last year when he was two weeks old on Christmas and we circled around his glider banging on our chimes. He has grown up so much.

One of Blake's (and Mommy's) favorite gifts was given by a much older Santa.

Ho, Ho, Ho and Merry Christmas to all from the flying Santa Claus!


  1. Such cute pictures of Blake! He makes a good little Santa:).

  2. These pictures are adorable!! He has got to be one of the cutest Santa's I've ever seen!!

  3. Cute pictures! That rocking horse is awesome!

  4. ha!! I love that last picture of Blake up in the air!! I'm glad you guys had such a great Christmas!!

  5. He is the best looking Santa I saw all season!