18 November 2008


Our little eleven month old is such a busybody. His new thing is he loved being chased. He crawls away from us as fast as he can and usually ends up faceplanting it a few times in all the excitement. His activities keep us on our toes.


  1. Oh he is just too cute. I LOVE his giggles. I swear he looks different even from when you were here for Becky's wedding and that was only a few weeks ago!

  2. That was such a fun video to watch. i thik he is just a cutie.

  3. The title of that video should be TORTURE, because that's what it is to have to watch it all the way from MI, and not be able to pick him up and squeeze him and kiss his cheeks!!! Just wait til Skyler sees this, I'm going to have to watch this 20 times tomorrow....