27 October 2008

The Big Reveal

Blake is dressing up as a cow for Halloween.


We dressed him up and took him to Gardner Village, a charming little historical shopping center. They deck out the entire place with lots of Halloween décor.

The cow played with the straw.

And then he ate the straw.

Mama and her baby calf.

Our whole family got in on the cow theme at our trunk-or-treat party. Blake held a box of nerds in his hands for at least two hours. He just didn't want to let it go, even when he was eating. It made a great rattle and a wonderful comfort toy as he was exposed to scary costumes, heaps of candy, and children wildly whacking piñatas.


  1. Oh Blake as a cow is SO adorable and I loved what you and Troy wore to go with his outfit!

  2. He's the cutest cow ever (of course)! This will be a great picture to show the girls when he's much older and dating.

  3. I LOVE that last picture of the three of you. It's so hilarious and SO adorable!!!!

  4. What an adorable cow! Your and Troy's shirts turned out great! Good work!

  5. Oh...my...gosh...he is soooo cute!! I love your family theme. You have such an adorable famly!!

  6. Super cute costumes! I don't think the book is ours, though. Maybe kourtni?

  7. The family costume theme is absolute genius!! Blake looks adorable