27 August 2008


I know I am always saying this, but Blake is at such a fun age right now. He is starting to develop some true "Blakeisms."

"Look, mom, I built these towers all by myself! OK, maybe I had a little help from Grandma."

Blake loves, loves, loves to eat. He honestly opens his mouth this big in anticipation of every bite.

What is his favorite toy you ask? It's still paper. Although he is taking a liking to spatulas and yarn as well. He also loves to open and shut doors and drawers.

His name is trouble. He found my pen, and made a big streak across his face.

Blake has become a pro at the army crawl. He can get anywhere he wants to go, across the room and back, in just a few seconds. He kicks and scoots his legs and drags his little belly along.

He likes to get into his Grandma's quilting scraps.

He is starting to hold himself up against furniture.

He would stay in the bathtub for hours if I let him. He prefers measuring cups over bath toys.

He has crazy long hair!

Blake has also started to wave. I'm not sure if he knows that he is waving, but he scrunches his fingers open and shut when he sees people.


  1. That picture of him in the towel could NOT be cuter. What a sweet little mischevious (sp?) face. How cute!

  2. Whoa, as I read your posts I realize that Ryland is only 3 months younger than Blake....crazy to think he'll be reaching some of the same milestones so soon! Diddo with the towel pic. Love the scrunched up nose!

  3. I've missed your posts! He is so adorable! Love the Chinese dinner party! Oh, and thanks a lot for the video of Blake-do you realize that if Skyler catches me watching a video of Blake, we have to watch it at least 32 times before I finally cut her off and she screams and cries???!!!

  4. Can he get any cuter? He is at such a fun age--enjoy every minute of it!

  5. What a great and fun age he is at! Blake is so cute, I love his smile. Looks like he is having fun just living life and making life fun for all around him!!

  6. Lindsey, look how super cute your little buddy is!