22 April 2008

Smart Boy

I was on the computer today when I heard music coming from the nursery (where Blake was supposed to be sleeping). I went in to find that he had turned on his little aquarium that is attached to his crib by kicking the button with his feet. He was happily enjoying watching the fish swim by. He gave me this look like, "Yep, I figured it out all by myself!"


  1. We knew he was smart--not to mention cute! We're counting down the days until we can see him (oh, and his parents too!

  2. Lindsey,
    I don't know if you remember me or not, I am in your parents ward in MI. Your mom just gave me your blog address. Little Blake is super cute. I have been wanting to see pictures of him. You guys are such a cute family. I hope that I can see you when you come out in May. Take care!!
    Jessica Olsen

  3. Ha!! I love when they figure things out that they aren't supposed to yet!

  4. Your mom was telling me today that you know when is nap is over by music coming from his room. Too funny. Kids are just an endless source of entertainment!