01 March 2008

Tube Time

Last night, our date night consisted of ordering take-out, blowing up the air mattress, pulling out the blankets, and having a movie marathon. This quickly turned out to be Troy's favorite date, mostly due to the movies. Blake really enjoyed himself too. He is sure his daddy's boy when it comes to focusing on the TV. In fact, Blake showed us his newest tummy time, or should we say "tube time" trick. He lifted up his head higher, and I mean much higher, than he ever has, just so he could see the TV! As much as we hate to admit it, we now know how to get him to enjoy tummy time more. We just stick him right in front of his new stimuli. Who would've thought the TV would do the trick?


  1. He looks like he is totally ready for a trip to Michigan for a major playdate with all his Michigan friends!

  2. Awww! He IS a daddy's boy! I wish my computer would download your videos, I would love to hear his laugh right now!

  3. Oh I love those pictures. Its so crazy to see how high he raised his head. Even if you need a little something to tempt him. I am sure many would disagree but sometimes the colors and the movement I think entertains babies.