18 March 2008

Little Blake-er Cottontail

Hoppin' through the bunny trail.


  1. Oh my you have the cutest boy and those are the most precious pictures. I love the hat and I especially love how he looks in the hat and his facial expressions. You are lucky to mother such a wonderful and cute little boy!

  2. I knew he would be way cute in his bunny hat! Thanks for sharing these pictures--I will stop making him hats when he gets older, I promise!
    Happy Easter!

  3. Hey guys, we are with Grandma Richards at Aunt Janet's for Easter. She loves the pictures and Blake and is excites about your visit to Michigan! Grandma said "love you, Blake is so cut and grown so much. He is so cute with his outfits on! Janet just gave me an Easter basket!"
    From Jenny

  4. Seriously adorable! I love his many expressions.