23 February 2008

We Love AZ

We love Arizona for many reasons.

We get to do lots of things that we can't do at home, like go on walks OUTSIDE!

Except Blake had no idea we were outside.

We visited our friend Aunt Becky and the Miller family. I lived with them for a semester in college and miss them so much.

Becky is super creative and was so sweet to give Blake a personalized present.

We enjoyed the fresh air out on the porch with no snow on the ground.

Blake inevitably endured lots of pictures from Grandma Julie. She posed him in a project she was working on for Easter.

And finally, Blake gave his mom lots of love! Ok, he does that at home too. We will sure miss the perks of sunny Arizona though.


  1. Oh we love when the Nashes/Tanners are in Arizona! We will miss you all too but we are so happy we got to see you all. Adore your little one and LOVE those pictures.

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  3. I had no idea you were even pregnant! Blake is so cute! You guys look great. I bet you were the cutest pregnant lady ever!